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2002 – The Elusive Light & Sound – Volume I

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Celluloid Heroes (The Kinks cover)
Love Blood
Fried Chicken
Butler’s Bag
Head-Cuttin’ Duel
Eugene’s Trick Bag
Amazing Grace
Louisiana Swamp Skank
Air Guitar Hell
The Reaper
Introducing The Wyld Stallions
Girls Mature Faster Than Guys
The Battle
Meet The Reaper
Final Guitar Solo
The Reaper Rap
Drive The Hell Out of Here
Get The Hell Out of Here
Welcome Pre-Frosh
The Dark Hallway
The Dead Band Ends
The Cause Heads
Find The Meat
The Ax Will Fall
Now We Run
Hey Jack
Still Running
Dead Heads
Blow Me Where The Pamper Is
Pins And Needles
Plug My Ass In
Loose Keg Sightings
Don’t Sweat It
How Hidge
Beer, Beer
We’re Not Gonna Protest
See Ya Next Year
Now We Run


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